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Geointelligence means having knowledge about the space. All action has a spatial relation - between man and space there are many-sided relationships. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) link geographical knowledge of the "where" with meaningful information of "what".

To place information in a spatial context opens up new perspectives and approaches. Geomer accompanies you - from the individual tasks to the technical implementation up to the finished solution.

Our activities focus on products, solutions and project services in the fields of geographic information systems, geoinformatics, location analytics, geodata, risk management and natural hazards.

... and Beyond

Investment security is of particular importance to us. That's why our GIS solutions are open, flexible and easily scalable. No matter whether it is a standard product for the visualization of your company data, a single workplace solution or a group-wide information system. We don't just want to sell a product, we want to help our customers with a solution. A solution that makes thier work easier, saves time and opens up new horizons.

Our scientific roots, our close links to research projects and our integrative mastery of different fields of competence contribute to providing our customers with tailor-made state-of-the-art solutions - since 1999.

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