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FloodArea for ArcGIS® - hydrodynamic modelling

FloodArea is a 2D model completely integrated in ArcGIS® for the calculation of flood areas. Since the first release in 2001, more and more authorities (local authorities to ministries), engineering companies and research institutions from 20 countries on five continents trust this simulation and modeling tool.

Demo of a flood wave with subsequent dike breach Demo of a reservoir dam breach

FloodArea for ArcGIS supports you with the following functions

  • Hydrodynamic modelling of the flooded areas and the inundation depths
  • Simulation of dam and dike breaches
  • Feeding/removal over spatially variable water levels or hydrographs at up to 500 points
  • Simulation of torrential rain events with variable runoff coefficient (slope runoff hazard)
  • Automatic generation of animation films (.avi) for the better awareness of your customers
  • Output of flow directions for a flow path analysis
  • Taking account of flow obstacles (dikes, railway embankments, etc.) not included in the terrain model
FloodArea was developed with the support of our partner

FloodArea is completely integrated in ArcGIS and thus also saves you time!

Also inform yourself about our GIS and project services in the FloodArea field.

We have compiled further information about our FloodArea HPC high-end version for you.

FloodAreaHPC 10.3 is available!

The development of an enhanced, even faster version of FloodArea has been concluded and the release is available for various versions of ESRI’s ArcGIS product family.

Increased performance is gained predominantly through the complete restructuring of the pre-processing to 64-bit GDAL. The tool version is now calculating on 64-bit exclusively. Moreover, the controllability of two previously internal parameters allows for a more flexible parametrization of calculations – and thereby enables a further performance increase of the high-performance multi core system of FloodArea HPC.

Clearing of parameters as well as increased robustness of the user interface minimize error-proneness and render FloodArea ever more user-friendly.

Downloads of FloodArea HPC 10.3 are available as of now for ArcGIS versions 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4. Upgrade your version now or test the newest FloodArea – with a new Demo area. For acquiring FloodArea find out about our attractive offers.

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